About Bisto

Food fads come and go, but a great tasting gravy will always have its place in everyone's heart and on everyone's dinner table. Perhaps that's why Bisto is one of the best loved and most enduring of all British brands.

For generations of family cooks, it's been a trusted friend in the store cupboard and an ever present source of inspiration, not just in Sunday roasts but also on family favourites like pies and sausages.

The Bisto story began in 1908, when friends and housewives Mrs Roberts and Mrs Patterson, frustrated in their efforts to produce a smooth, tasty gravy, asked their husbands to come up with a way of making the whole process easier. Employees at the Cerebos salt company, Mr Roberts and Mr Patterson got to work on the recipe that was to become Bisto original gravy powder.

Named for its unique ability to 'Brown, Season and Thicken, in One', Bisto soon became a firm favourite with housewives the length and breadth of Britain for its ease and convenience in the kitchen. With guaranteed results every time, the perfect gravy was now within everybody's capabilities, no matter what their skills as cooks.

In 1919, The Bisto Kids made their first appearance in advertising and on Bisto packaging. Created by cartoonist Wilf Owen, their ragamuffin mischievousness won them a lasting place in the nation's hearts. Only with widespread social change and the promise of a new era of prosperity following the second world war did their down at heel charm become out of step with Britain's view of itself, and The Bisto Kids were quietly removed from the advertising spotlight.

But to this day, their legacy lives on in their infectious 'Aah Bisto!' catchphrase.